Pournami Pooja

Abirami Battar, was an outstanding and exemplary devotee of Amman. It was the incident involving him on a moonless night (Amavasai), that made worship of Amman on Pournami days very special and endearing. In our Maha Peedam during Pournami, significant prayers are held Sri the Maha Meru, the geometrical symbolisation of our Goddess Maha Kaali Sri Pratyangira Devi.

The specific prayers distinctly held in a unique fashion on Pournami days are as follows:
  • Sri Vidya Navakshari Homam
  • Navavarna Pooja
  • Kannika Pooja
  • Suvasini Pooja
  • Sree Lalitha Sahasranama Sthothram

It is religiously imperative Pournami prayers are conducted in a strictly devotional and extremely austere fashion.

Revered conduct of such a prayer is rare as it is also difficult to identify trained Sivachariyars Therefore come to our peedam and witness the elaborate, Prayer sessions and be blessed by the almighty.
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